Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Title: Picture Of Grace
Author: Josh Armstrong
Illustrator: Taylor Bills
Publisher: Josh Armstrong
Ages: 4-8

There's nothing Grace loves more than being with her grandfather and watching him create something beautiful in his art room. But when Grandpa Walt works on what would become his greatest masterpiece, Grace discovers how she can help carry on a family tradition.
Why you should read it:
Many times I am asked to review a self-published book and it turns out to be a struggle to find something nice to say about the story or illustrations. This is not the case with Mr. Armstrong's delightful story about the love between a grandfather and a grandchild that goes far beyond the grave. Even the richly detailed illustrations by Taylor Bills draw readers into the world of Grandpa Walt and little Grace.
Nice work by this author and for most people a great addition to the home library

Like-o-meter Rating scale **: 4 out of 5...think about it.

**5 out of 5...grab it!
4 out of 5...think about it.
3 out of 5...take or leave it.
2 out of 5...maybe not for you.
1 out of 5...forget about !

Blurb: Addie comes from a long line of readers or "story catchers" as her family likes to call themselves. Every time Addie tries to catch a story on her own the wiggly words play tricks on her. She tries different ways to make those words sit still but it will take a little faith for Addie to become the next STORY CATCHER.

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