Monday, December 2, 2013

YOU Can Be That Kind Of Writer

There are many movies made from books coming out these days. Movies portraying characters first born in the mind of a writer. I closed out a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend by going to see TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE. This book turned movie is based on a true story about the life of Solomon Northup. In 1841 he was a free black man living in the northern United States. Through certain circumstances, he ended up spending the next twelve years of his life as a slave in the deep south. I got wrapped up in the portrayal of this one man and even had tears well up during certain scenes. But as I walked out of the theater and stepped back into reality I began to wonder what was it exactly about the movie that moved me so?

Was it the fact one of my favorite actors, Brad Pitt was in it? Although he played a lovely Canadian, I don't think so. Was it because the movie covered a dark part of US history I will NEVER understand? Even the time frame wasn't responsible for my being drawn into what was happening on the screen in front of me. 

Then it hit me.

It was the words. I should have known. Those beautiful, mesmerizing, gut-wrenching words created by someone reaching out to the universe through the power of the written word. Blood, sweat, and tears dripping across the page to leave their mark on someone 160 years into their future. How did Soloman know exactly which words to write?

Honestly? I don't think he did. I think he must have tried and failed and tried and failed until the combination of thoughts were perfect. I think Solomon had a wish to share his story with others and a hope it would leave it's mark on the heart of history. I think he would have been astounded to discover the changes in the world today and the lives he has touched with his words.

I want to be that kind of writer. YOU can be that kind of writer! The kind of writer who motivates through their words. The kind who inspires with their stories. Someone who weaves their magic to skip across the page and entice readers to join the dance. No matter the genre, no matter the day and age, there will always be writers to take us on that journey of discovering the deeper side of ourselves.

So I wonder...what kind of writer are you?



  1. Hi Donna .. it sounds like it was a good movie - and reminds me I must check out what's on in our local cinema. Film society on Wednesday ... but I gather Twelve Years A Slave is a good film ... and now you've enticed me with "the words" - I shall want to hear them ... glad you had a happy end to Thanksgiving weekend .. cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary! It was an extremely touching movie for me but I could sympathize with Solomon's struggle while someone else might not be able to appreciate his level of anguish over his circumstances. I would wish to one day have his talent for words...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!