Friday, September 6, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

The Last Pickup
by Donna L Martin

"Where to now, lady?"

The driver's voice broke in on Mary's reverie and she gazed into the rear view mirror to see green eyes staring back at her. For a moment she couldn't remember if there was somewhere she needed to be, something that needed her attention, and then she remembered that night with Joe...

"Did anyone see you?" Joe said as he helped her into the front seat of his dad's car.

"No, they're all watching the Ed Sullivan show so all I had to do was tip toe out the back door like we planned," Mary said, laying her overnight case on the back seat. Suddenly everything seemed much too real and she turned worried eyes to the boy sitting next to her.

"Are you sure we're doing the right thing, Joe?"

"Mary, we already talked about this, remember? It's the only way. You know how your parents are whenever they see me. And you know my father would kill me if he found out. We have no choice."

The old Impala ate up the miles. Miles between a life left behind and a new one waiting for them somewhere across the border. She tried to stay awake but the lack of sleep the night before wore her down. Soon Mary was dreaming of baby blue skies and lullabies.

Oh, how the time seemed to fly by. New names meant a new start and soon the days blurred into one another. Before she knew it, too many years had gone by and now the wrinkles in the mirror told her there wasn't much time left to dream. Everyone she knew in that other life was long gone and now her own Joe had left her too. No, not much time left at all...

The taxi driver didn't want to startle the old lady, but his shift was almost over and he really wanted to get home to the wife and kiddies. Straightening a cap that had seen better days, he turned in his seat and asked again, "Where to now, lady?"


  1. 'Should I? No, I shouldn't. No, I SHOULD!' Mary made up her mind, "Green Lane, Pennsylvania, sir. I know it's out of your range, being in Phillie, but if you could drive me as far as you can towards it... Please?"
    Half an hour later, Mary arrived in a small house on a dead-end street. It was exactly as she remembered it, though the grass was a bit long. She'd have to get the Fratz family to help her... But it was still hers. Hers and Joe's. Their home.

    1. Hi Erik! Nice addition to this story. I like how you are not afraid to jump right in there and take Mary on another journey...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

  2. Mary looked at him. "I honestly don't know. I want to go home but am not sure where home is any more."
    "Lady," the driver said. "My shift is almost over, if you have no place to go maybe I can take you home with me. My wife can give you a meal and a bed for the night. Tomorrow you can decide where it is you want to go."
    "Oh thank you." Mary looked relieved that she didn't have to make a decision right now. The driver had made it for her.
    The driver turned off his meter and call in that he was off shift and on his way home.
    When they got to his house he took Mary in and called his wife. "Dear, I'm home and I brought the new nanny, you wanted."
    Mary was surprised but happy. She had a home and a family again. She would do her best to make this family hers.

    1. Hi Gladys! I like how you brought the story full circle...good job!

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!