Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Title: Nerdy Birdy
Author: Aaron Reynolds
Illustrator: Matt Davies
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
Ages: 4-8


Nerdy Birdy likes reading, video games, and reading about video games, which immediately disqualifies him for membership in the cool crowd. 

One thing is clear: being a nerdy birdy is a lonely lifestyle.

When he's at his lowest point, Nerdy Birdy meets a flock just like him. He has friends and discovers that there are far more nerdy birdies than cool birdies in the sky.

Why you should read it:
Who doesn't love a book with a title like NERDY BIRDY? Even the illustration of the cute little guy with the big glasses on the cover makes me want to learn more about this nerdy bird. 

Children's author, Aaron Reynolds, shines the light on a very common place problem. What does it take to fit in with the cool kids and what does it take to stand on one's own? Cute illustrations and a simple, but effective story line helps young readers understand the difference be cliques and true friendships.  Sometimes the "cool" birds don't make the best friends, and sometimes the "nerdy" birds have the most fun! A great addition to any home library.

Like-o-meter Rating scale**: 5 out of 5...grab it!

**Rating scale**

 5 out of 5...grab it!

 4 out of 5...think about it.

 3 out of 5...take it or leave it.
 2 out of 5...maybe not for you.

 1 out of 5...forget about it!

Blurb: Addie comes from a long line of readers or "story catchers" as her family likes to call themselves. Every time Addie tries to catch a story on her own the wiggly words play tricks on her. She tries different ways to make those words sit still but it will take a little faith for Addie to become the next STORY CATCHER.

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