Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Title: A Thanksgiving Turkey
Author: Julian Scheer
Illustrator: Ronald Himler
Publisher: Holiday House
Ages 9-11

Synopsis: Every year Grandad tries to track down an old tom turkey who's been roosting in his woods for as long as he can remember. His determination is so contagious that his grandson is caught up in the challenge. It all comes down to on bitterly cold morning just before Thanksgiving when man and beast cross paths in a final showdown.

Why you should read it:

I love reading holiday stories and since Fall is my favorite time of the year, I stock up early on eagerly anticipated holiday books. Julian Scheer's A THANKSGIVING TURKEY is just the right kind of story to put readers in the "thankful" mood this holiday season. Readers can relate to a young boy's connection to his grandfather as he learns the routine of life on a farm.

There is an adventure waiting for the two one chilly Fall morning which draws readers into the cat and mouse game of trying to catch a wily old tom turkey Granddad has been chasing for years. From the first moment the boy hears the clear cluck, cluck, clucking of a hen ringing out from his grandfather's wooden turkey caller to the day when he finally sees the long grey and black beard dragging the ground when the old tom turkey is fooled into stepping into the clearing in front of him, readers think they know the outcome of this wonderful tale. But there is an unexpected surprise waiting to be unleashed one bitterly cold morning just before Thanksgiving which will change the lives of two hunters forever. A wonderful addition to any library.

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