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Today's post is about something I like to call Kaleidoscope Stories. Most people call them Fractured Fairy Tales but to me, calling these wonderful stories "fractured" implies there is something wrong or broken about them.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

When a writer decides to return to the roots of storytelling and chooses to work with a fairy tale, he or she trying to put a new twist on an old classic. Just like looking into a kaleidoscope, that writer can see the original story line but all it takes is a few twists and turns of a creative imagination to morph that tale into something fitting nicely into the 21st century reader's mind.

For the reader in all of us, Kaleidoscope Stories awaken our senses to new possibilities. For the writers out there, it gives us a chance to breath new life into something lingering from our own childhood.

My friend and talented author, Tara Lazar, wrote a post today on her own blog about how to go about writing those Kaleidoscope Stories/Fractured Fairy Tales and you can read her awesome post here

I also put together my own list of Kaleidoscope Stories to check out as well as a Fractured Fairy Tale Booklist from the ReadWriteThink organization. Whether you enjoy the classics or look forward to delving into the more current versions, fairy tales are an enduring way to discover the magic to be found within the pages of a good book!

Kaleidoscope Stories Booklist

The Three Little Wolves & The Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas
Little Red Writing by Joan Holub
Big Bad Wolves At School by Stephen Krensky
Goldie Socks And The Three Libearians by Irene Hines
Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs by Mo Williams
Tell The Truth B. B. Wolf by Judy Sierra
Cinderella’s Rat by Susan Meddaugh
The Three Little Tamales by Eric A. Kimmet

Fractured Fairy Tale Booklist

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