Saturday, January 17, 2015


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Way too long to be an actual word and yet Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke had no problem making a hit out of it in their Disney musical, Mary Poppins. That one word reminds me every day to see out the strange and wonderfully unique happenings to be found in the world.


It means nothing is ever carved in stone and even the most ghastly of mistakes can usually be mended if you try hard enough. Revisions of my manuscripts are my literary do-overs...a chance to correct, enhance, and tweak my way to the closest thing to writerly perfection I will be able to perform as a writer.


This means all the stars are in alignment and my writing is going in the right direction. It doesn't necessarily mean everything is perfect and I'm not running into problems with a tricky word here or ill-placed phrase there. But it DOES mean I have a plan to tackle any obstacles to come my way and I just have to remember to work my plan.


My editor, Jessica Schmeidler, will use this word on me every once in a while. It tells me she understands what I might be going through at the moment and I'm not alone. It's a virtual hug of comfort and camaraderie coming from someone who has been in the writing trenches long enough to see exactly where I'm at in my own publication journey as well as my potential future. 

And my most favorite word?


There have been many people in my life over the years who attempted to destroy my belief I would one day become a published author. It took a lot of belief in myself to keep going when the ones closest to me said my writing was foolish and a waste of time. Even when I laid down my pen for more than twenty years in answer to all the negativity surrounding me at the time, there was still a belief deep inside me that one day my words would mean something. That my words would matter in a world filled with them and someday those words would speak to children everywhere.

That day is today.


I hope you learned something new today and be sure to check back tomorrow for the next post in my month long celebration!

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