Friday, November 15, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

Miles To Go
by Donna L Martin

A solitary blast of the horn startled Jake from his nap. The clickety-clack of the train's wheels gave him a false sense of security and he had dozed off. Looking around he noticed quite a few passengers nodding their heads in rhythm to the sound. Jake knew it wouldn't be long before the compartment would be filled with the soft snoring of weary travelers trying to get home before the holidays.

Sitting up straighter in his seat, Jake reached down to massage a sudden charlie horse. Thankfully the seat in front of him was empty but even then his tall frame could just stretch so much before he bumped into someone else's space. Gazing out the window he could just make out a cascade of leaves racing alongside the train's engine as if playing tag. This part of the world was beautiful this time of the year. Bursts of color burning the countryside and reminding him of other trips up the mountain to a place he used to call home.

To Jake, Fall is a time for gatherings. A time to stuff more than just the turkey, and a time to gather loved ones close, giving thanks for another year together. At least that's what Fall used to mean. Jake wasn't sure any more. This homecoming will certainly be one for the books as his momma used to say, God rest her soul.

A soft sigh, barely heard above the sound of the wheels, brought Jake's attention back inside. Shifting in his seat again, he reached out and tucked the blanket more securely around the sleeping child lying next to him. Just a few more miles to go before he arrives at the old station. Just a few more miles before he finds out if he even has a home to go back to...

*Okay, it's your turn! What will Jake find at the end of his journey? And why does he have a child with him?  Put your creative cap on and add a sentence or add a paragraph. Continue my story or start one of your own. Join the fun and see where this picture prompt takes us!***

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