Friday, January 4, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

Which Way To The Circus?
By Donna L Martin

Puss n Boots traveled for quite some time when he finally caught up to the silly baboon who knew who had stolen his hat.  He knew someone in the circus took it, but who?  Bowwing low with a courtly gesture, the fastidious feline smoothed his fur first before addressing the jungle creature standing before him.

"Oh, kind and honorable sir!  I have traveled far and wide in search of my bespangled chapeau.  I was told I might find it here.  Pray tell me where I might find yon hippodrome?"

The baboon took one look at the fancy dressed cat without a hat and laughed.  Nudging his friend, the elephant, the baboon said, "Hey, Jumbo, take a look at that character.  Who ever saw such a fancy dressed cat outside of the circus?"

Jumbo nodded his head and flapped his ears as he laughed.  "You're right, Bobo.  I ain't seen a sight like him since we had those traveling tigers the boss dressed up in funny clothes to dance around for the people."

Puss n Boots could see he was getting nowhere fast with these two, so he tried again, "I was wondering if you fine fellows could point me in the direction of the circus that's come to town?"

Bobo hopped up and down with excitement before replying, "Well, why didn't you say so in the first place, matey?  The circus is that a way!"

Puss n Boots tried to remain calm.  "And would you know if a certain black panther would be performing at said circus?"

"I should hope to think I would," said Jumbo as he gave his head another mighty shake. "Brunetta performs just before we do!"

With another courtly bow and a fond farewell, Puss n Boots strode off in the direction of the circus.  He hoped he wasn't too late for his dance with that devil cat, Brunetta.

*Now it's your turn.  What happens next?  Does Puss n Boots run into Brunette?  Does he get his hat back?  Join in the fun with a sentence or a paragraph.  You don't have to run with my flash fiction...if someone else comments and you want to add to their story, then go for it.  Let's see where this picture prompt takes us!***


  1. On the way to the circus, this dapper cat practiced his best dance moves, swooping low, jumping high, a kick and a twirl until-oh no! Poor Puss lay flat on his face, trying to be brave. His ankle was crushed and so was his fine spirit. The pain was unbearable when he tried to stand so he did the only thing he knew-ME-OWWWWWWWWWW!

    1. Ahahaha...that's such a great addition, Mona! I'm so glad you took the time to join the fun!

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

  2. The pain felt by Puss was compounded when Brunetta's bigger - and meaner - brother appeared on the scene.
    "What do you want with my sister?" snarled the big black cat a glint of sunlight reflecting off the bared razor-sharp teeth,
    "Noth-nothing" stammered the hapless Puss "I merely thought she might know the whereabouts of my hat"

    A surreptitious attempt to further conceal the hat the gibbon had secreted about his person, was spotted by the sharp-eyed predator. The panther snatched the hat from the gibbon and tore it to shreds. Brunetta's brother spat the mauled up hat out in front of Puss.
    "Stay away from my sister" snarled the panther and he melted into the forest.

    A distraught Puss surveyed the remnants of his hat and turned to the grinning gibbon.
    "You should buy me a new hat, it was you who stole it" Puss sniffed dejectedly.
    "Hah, no chance dog-meat!" laughed the gibbon.
    "I don't like your attitude" declared Puss annoyed.
    "It's not my 'at 'e chewed, it's your 'at 'e chewed" guffawed the gibbon as he rolled around on the ground holding his splitting sides.

    'What am I to do now?' groaned Puss 'I've no hat, can't dance, and Brunetta's brother wants to eat me!"

    1. Awww, that was GREAT, JP! I KNEW you would do well with children's books...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

    2. I'm not so sure. I think it was actually you who said I am more of a Grimm than a Disney. Poor kids would have nightmares, although I suppose my humour is juvenile.

    3. I did like your input. Disney isn't Disney anymore. So you will be fine...who doesn't like Grimm anyway?

  3. Oh wow! that was amazing JP! I sorry I am not up to continuing this. Bed with a sore throat, must be coming down with something. Great story, hope someone continues this!

    1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Diane...get hubby to fix you a cup of hot tea...or a hot toddy...whichever one you think will do the trick...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

  4. Puss walked, fingering the hilt of his top-of-the-class Fencer 5017 Automatic Sword. It was short to most eyes, only about a foot long (he got it from a fool (who thought it was a short rapier) for $5), but that is where the Automatic came in - it ignited to 2 feet and 8 inches. He thought it might come in handy if he might face a panther...

    Puss walked on. He took out his sword (in its foot long version) and practiced what he would do if he needed to fight.

    "Monsieur! Oh, Monsieur Chat! Chat escrime! Pouvez-vous venir ici? [Mister! Oh, Mister Cat! Fencing Cat! Can you come here?]" came a strong voice, heavily accented. "Quel talent! Meilleur chat escrime que j'ai jamais vu! Oh, merveilleux! [What skill! Best fencing cat I have ever seen! Oh, marvelous!"

    "Huh? What? Qui a dit cela? [Who said that?]" Puss said, spinning around, sheathing his sword.

    "'Tis I, Monsieur Maître de piste [Mr. Ringmaster]. You must join circus. Je paie beaucoup [I pay a lot]." The master said.

    'Hmmm... I could buy a new hat...' Puss thought. He got an idea. "Eh bien, vous voyez, c'est un peu une longue histoire. En fait, TRES longue... [Well, you see, it's kind of a long story. Actually, VERY long...]" And Puss proceeded to tell his story.

    "Je sais! Je vous donne de l'argent pour beau chapeau et le lait agréable et herbe à chat à la fin de tous les jours! [I know! I give you money for beautiful hat and nice milk and catnip at the end of every day!]"

    Well, now, if you say something like that, what can a cat in need of a hat do? PLUS there is FREE food!

    "YES! Oui! I will join le cirque! [Yes!}{the circus]" Puss I. Boots literally purred.

    "Good! You will fence against our star! Brunetta la Panthère! I hope you come out alive..." The Ringmaster smiled.

    "Oh no! What have I done? I shall beat her. And Voila! A new hat!" Puss planned...


    Whew! That's enough for now! ;) Good day!

    1. Hi Erik! First of all, is speaking French one of your many talents as well? :~) I really enjoyed your story, but loved this line..."Hmmm...I could buy a new hat." For some reason THAT line just made me chuckle!

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!