Monday, August 6, 2012

Two By Two

A lot of you out there may know the story about Noah's Ark and how he filled his boat with pairs of animals in anticipation of a flood.  Pairing up...two by two...just made it easier.  Other things in life are better paired together.  Peanut butter and jelly.  Green Eggs and Ham.  Socks and shoes.  Writers and critique groups.  Authors and agents.  See what I mean?  Things in the universe are made to compliment each other and together the sum is greater than its parts.  


Then sometimes you see a pairing and you wonder what were they thinking?  A plaid shirt worn with polka dot pants will make you wince.  A poorly written story published by an uncaring vanity press reflects poorly on the writing community.  Mysteries of nature like my two turtles pictured here.  There are times when you have to really stop and think if this particular two by two you are looking at is for the best?


We writers like to think of ourselves as solitary creatures of habit.  We rise in the morning, sometimes sit down immediately to create our worlds and sometimes we grab moments here and there and stuff our writing around all the other demands of our "real" life.  But we think we travel this path alone, when in fact there is a whole writing community just waiting to pair up with us.  To lead the way, and sometimes to follow as we both work toward our individual writing goals.  Two by two, hand in hand, lifting each other up, cheering each other a wonderful, maddening dance...



  1. Everything for a reason. Setbacks and delays included. Some paths are best trodden alone rather than put those you love in harms way. Nothing worth having comes easy, not to me anyway.

    It is easy to stray from the original path when the distracting bright lights of self-satisfaction dazzle. Shield my eyes from the glare and look back into the darkness, there are people reaching out that need me.

    Still there is the uncertainty of what can be done and how. Loneliness, once a foe is now an ally, and this lone wolf has plenty to howl about. I need to shock. Pussy-footing around may win friends but this was never going to be a popularity contest.

    Controversy has the most impact and subsequently the loudest voice. The consequences are often painful but it is a small price to pay for the knowledge a life wasn't completely wasted.

    1. Awww, JP, I was actually worrying about you today, my friend. Wondering how Boyhood was coming along and wondering if life in general was treating you well? I thought maybe you had discovered my writing no longer to your liking and you had deserted my little corner of the world!

      I am both the lone wolf and the social creature...each side put to good use when needed. My life is not about shocking but about healing...myself as well as others whenever and however I can. It makes me happy to see your post...keep your chin up and know there are others in darkness cheering you on! ;~)

  2. Wonderful post, Donna!
    I love your posts - they're both entertaining and informative!
    Now all I need to do is find the other person who will complement me, on this writing journey... I suppose it will all fall into place when the time is right!

    1. Hi, Michelle, and welcome to my blog! Thank you for your kind words...I try really hard to do just that...entertain, inform, inspire...because there is enough negative in this big world of ours. I want to show a little "writer love" to anyone who comes along...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!