Monday, December 26, 2011

Mountains And Valleys

Have you ever noticed that there are "mountain" people...

and there are valley people...

The "mountain" people are the ones who are always looking up toward the sky.  They usually view the world through rose colored glasses and don't need much out of life to make them smile.  They meet obstacles head on with the knowledge that perseverance and hard work will eventually carry them through to their next goal in life.

Then you have the "valley" people...those troubled souls who walk around telling everyone that the end is near...that there is no happiness to be found and they are the victims in this life to be pitied.  They choose to either hide their head in the sand whenever obstacles come their way or better yet, run away in fear and confusion so that they never are able to reach their next goal.  Wait a minute, they are so busy worrying about trouble that they never have time to even make a goal.

This year I have discovered that focussing on my writing takes me on a continuous path through both mountains and valleys.  The valleys come along when I am struggling with a WIP and something just isn't flowing but I can't put my finger on it.  The mountains are when I read the blogs of other people in the writing industry that I admire, whether published or not, as well as when I have learned something new so I can look at a finished piece of work and be able to truly admire the effort I put into it.  It's my choice whether I linger in those mountains or valleys for long.

So, which kind of person are you?  Mountain or valley??  For myself, I'm usually a top of the mountain person!  I'm one of those ridiculously optimistic mountain people who draw positive energy from the good spirits that surround them.  And the obstacles that LIFE throws me are more challenges than anything else...a reminder that NOTHING of great value in this life is free and I have to REALLY want something enough to fight for it.  Then, when I reach the top of MY mountain...and I KNOW I will some day, the air will be cleaner, the smell of the flowers sweeter, and the grass greener than any journey I might have taken before then!


  1. You had me at rose colored glasses. Then I saw my place in the valley. I may be over the hill, but occasionally I DO try to climb that mountain. I see you're a mountain climber,too.

  2. You might need an occasional cane, but I can see you getting to the top of the mountain if you stay determined...;0)