Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Falling Back Into The Writing Habit...

I feel like I've been in hibernation all summer long, away from the sights and sounds of this writing community. But I'm finally back and eager to catch up on all the exciting things happening in everyone's publishing journeys.

I love the fall with its changing colors and cool, crisp mornings. Being allergic to both sun and heat, this long summer I just survived has me dreaming of cooler weather and falling leaves.  

I hope everyone enjoyed the encore presentation of my WRITERLY WISDOM series. No matter whether we are just beginning to craft our stories, or we're a seasoned writer,  sometimes it helps to have a refresher course on the basics of the whole writing journey. Thanks to all the wonderful authors, editors, and agents who took the time out of their busy writing lives of share some of their own writerly wisdom with those of us still fine tuning our own writing skills.

How's everyone's writing...or reading...coming along? I have a number of projects I'm juggling right now. My head is spinning from fine tuning the waterfall world of LUNADAR all the way to researching life in the US during the 1940's for the next book in my historical fiction series. I've also read almost 300 picture books to my summer camp kids and devoured many a chapter book for mentor text. I'm surprised my head doesn't explode from all those words I've been cramming in it these past few months.

Now it's half way through October and in the past I would be preparing for both PiBoIdMo AND NaNoWriMo next month but my friend, Tara Lazar, pulled a surprise out of the hat and moved PiBo to January so that frees up my writing plate a little bit...;~)

Mother Nature may be getting ready to go into hiding for the next few months, but in my neck of the woods I plan on gathering my harvest and making something fabulous...

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