Monday, June 29, 2015


For the letter B, I thought I would tempt you with a book title challenge I found on How many book titles do you know from these clues? Share your score in the comments below...

Book Title Synonym

1. Place that the footpath terminates
2. Tiny females
3. Pleasant twilight, celestial body
4. An explanation of the circumstances that allowed a killjoy to burglarize December 25th
5. The color spectrum aquatic dweller
6. The considerably famished butterfly
7. Estimate the amount of affection I hold for thee
8. The blizzardy 24 hours
9. The arctic nonstop
10. The velour hare
11. The location of the untamed figures existence
12. In case you supply a rodent a baked good
13. The unattractive hatchling
14. The miniature motor that was capable
15. The small abode located upon the grassland
16. A crease in chronology
17. Chuck and the confectionery manufacturing plant
18. The classified greenhouse
19. The parchment sack royal female
20. The benefactor
21. The Native American inside the cabinet
22. Tally the celestial objects
23. The poltergeist levy station
24. The escaped cottontail
25. A luminescence in the room directly under the roof of a house

(No peeking until you write your answers down!)

Actual Book Titles

1. Where the Sidewalk Ends
2. Little Women
3. Goodnight Moon
4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
5. The Rainbow Fish
6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
7. Guess How Much I Love You
8. The Snowy Day
9. The Polar Express
10. The Velveteen Rabbit
11. Where the Wild Things Are
12, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
13. The Ugly Duckling
14. The Little Engine That Could
15. Little House on the Prairie
16. A Wrinkle In Time
17. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
18. The Secret Garden
19. The Paper Bag Princess
20. The Giver
21. The Indian In The Cupboard
22. Number the Stars
23. The Phantom Tollbooth
24. The Runaway Bunny
25. A Light In the Attic

What Your Score Means:

0-5 right...You call yourself a children's book reader?
6-10 right...You can do better than that.
11-15 right...There's hope for you yet.
15-20 right...You earned some bragging rights.
21-25 right...You ROCK!


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