Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Title: Henry Hodges Needs A Friend
Author: Andy Andrews
Illustrator: Colleen Madden
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Ages: 4-8
"Henry Hodges was one
Of the loneliest boys.
No friends lived near him;
He didn't like toys.

There was never a soul
For young Henry to meet.
His house was the last
On a long dead-end street.

Why you should read it: 
This book really struck a chord with me. I was one of those kids on the school playground wishing I had a friend. I was very shy and it wasn't easy for me to reach out to someone new. Henry's parents realize their son is lonely so they decide to help him find a special one-of-a-kind friend. Just the thought sends poor Henry into a frenzy wondering what kind of friend he will get. Will it be a joke-telling beaver? A flying hamster? A goldfish with antlers?
It's hard making new friends no matter whether you are the new kid in school, a little bit shy, just learning to play well with others or somewhere in between. Rich illustrations by Colleen Madden depict the struggle young Henry feels being all alone as well as the clever imagination of a child wondering what type of new friend is out there waiting for him. New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews engages his readers with a wonderful rhyming story about the challenges of finding friends that will connect with the little bit lonely child in all of us. 

Like-o-meter Rating scale**: 5 out of 5...grab it!

**Rating scale**

 5 out of 5...grab it!

 4 out of 5...think about it.

 3 out of 5...take or leave it.

 2 out of 5...maybe not for you.

 1 out of 5...forget about it!
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