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Welcome to PICTURE PROMPTS! This is my way of 'paying it forward' for all the beautiful illustrations found in picture books all around the world. For the next year you will see me visit with guest illustrators, spotlighting their beautiful artwork and sharing their answers to a few questions I thought my readers might want to know about these illustrators. On the Friday when an illustrator hasn't stopped by for a visit and a hot cup of green tea, I will put up a random PICTURE PROMPT that has inspired me to write a little flash fiction to share with you!

If you are an illustrator, established or just starting out, and would like to participate in my PICTURE PROMPT series, just shoot me an email over to donasdays (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the information on how to join the fun!

Please welcome talented illustrator, Monica Rondino, and check out her answers to my interview questions...

Why did you decide to become an illustrator?

I can say that I became an illustrator because I always loved to draw. I did it from the time I was young but it was more a hobby. While I was looking for a job with languages I decided to follow a comics course and everything started from there. I finished my comics course and then I followed an animation course and now I’m an illustrator.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get inspiration from everything: people, books, nature, television programmers, news and all that is around me.


Do you have a favorite illustration of yours? Why is it your favorite?

My preferred illustration of mine is an illustration I did some time ago. It’s about a little mouse in a balloon. I love it because it gives me a sense of freedom and at the same time the fear of a new adventure.

If you could invite five other illustrators (alive or deceased) to dinner, who would you invite and why?

Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne, Chris Riddell, Diterlizzi, Alan Snow, and so many others.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I’m working on a new children’s book.

Do you work in different mediums? If so, which style is the most challenging?

I work mostly in digital but when I have the time I like water colors. Probably the most challenging is water color due to the fact I don’t use it so often.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying to become an illustrator?

I’m not very good at giving advice, but if you love what you do you don’t have to give up even if it can be difficult sometimes. Even if you can’t draw every moment (I mean everyone has to pay bills). Remember there is always something to learn, so at the end the great thing is the path to becoming an illustrator.

Do you have another job in addition to being an illustrator?

Yes I have another job or it would be better to say other jobs. For the moment I can’t live with the illustrator work so I do every kind of jobs I manage to find.

Short bio:

Monica is based in Rome, Italy and graduated with a language degree while also studying comics, illustration and animation. She and her partner Andrea work in 2D animation and flash animation for feature films, TV series, and commercials. Their illustration work ranges from children’s books to magazine and comic books. They work in both traditional and digital mediums.

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