Saturday, January 24, 2015


by Donna L Martin

Hear ye, hear ye; come one, come all.
Stand up. Be counted. Answer the call.
From fearsome dragons and sword wielding knights,
To wizardly wizards and rugs that take flight,
From twirling tornadoes and shiny red slippers,
To imaginative gardeners with magical clippers.
Gather ye round, come closer I say.
It's time to be heard. That time is today!
 From far reaching galaxies to tales from the old,
Each one is a treasure. Each story needs told.
So gather them close, the big and the small,
Then shout it out, sing it out, no matter the call.
From tall mountain top to the smallest nook,
It's time to proclaim THE YEAR OF THE BOOK!

Because I LOVE books and I LOVE helping others, I thought it would be nice to combine the two. I've thought of another way to enter the drawings for my cool prizes in celebration of THE STORY CATCHER's book release this week.And what better way than to pay it forward by giving the gift of books?

Here is how it works. If you decide to donate a book to a school or deserving charity who works to supply readers with much needed books, just leave a comment here and let me know. Or even better, why not take a picture and tag me on your Facebook post? For every gift of reading paid forward I will enter your name in the drawings for the prizes from my CATCH A PRIZE CONTEST. If you don't remember what all the cool prizes are, just go to this link. The contest runs until 12:59 p.m. on January 31st so you have plenty of time to pay it forward STORY CATCHER style!


You can order my book, THE STORY CATCHER, through the following buy links. It is available in both ebook and print copies. Here is the book blurb and book trailer.


Amazon Paperback:


Addie comes from a long line of readers, or "story catchers," as her family likes to call themselves. Every time Addie tries to catch a story on her own, though, the words play tricks on her. Addie tries everything she can think of to corral those wiggly letters, but it will take a little faith to become the next STORY CATCHER.



  1. What a brilliant idea. I have so many books to get through with my son right now, but we will definitely be adding yours to the list.

    1. Hi Joss! Thanks so much for your support. We can never have too many booka, right? 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

  2. This past year my daughter's school held a book drive for a school without a library. We donated five new books then. And another donation consisted of cleaning out our early readers and picture books--I lost count after I hit 100 books. More room on our shelves for new additions! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to you!

    1. Hi Danielle and welcome to my blog! What a WONDERFUL way of paying it forward! I would love to add your name to the drawing...would you let me know which prize you are most interested in and provide an email address in case you are one of the luck winners?

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!