Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BOOK NOOK REVIEWS: Patricia C McKissack

Title: The All-I'll-Ever-Want Christmas Doll
Author: Patricia C McKissack
Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade Books
Ages:  6 to 10

Synopsis: Too bad the Depression is going on because all Laura Nell Pearson wants for Christmas is a Baby Betty doll. Times can be hard making the holidays special but when one little gets her wish, she has to decide which is more important...her heart's desire or family.

Why you should read it: It might be because I've been writing about my own childhood memories of Christmas in southern Louisiana, but I was drawn to this longer picture book about family and simple holiday wishes. Ms. McKissack has the skill to weave a touchingly poignant story about family and illustrator Jerry Pinkney's lovely artwork helps bring those words to life. Readers everywhere will be able to relate to the Pearson girls and their struggle to share the Christmas spirit.

Like-O-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5...grab it!


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