Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BOOK NOOK REVIEWS: Christy Condoleo

**This week's BOOK NOOK REVIEWS shines a spotlight on great books provided by some of the authors participating in my annual FREE AUTHOR PROMOTION event held each May in my city. Help support these new and established authors by checking out their books!***

Title: Pell Shade & The Mysterious Paper
Author/Illustrator: Christy Condoleo
Ages: Young adult

Synopsis: Pell Shade is not your typical heroine. More like your typical soon to be teenager battling allergies, asthma and longing for a pet she can never have. But that is all about to change when her Aunt Syne brings her a thick stack of colored paper as a gift. Soon Pell is caught up in a magical world where paper animals come to life and take her on an unbelievable journey where villains wait in the shadows to reclaim what was once theirs.

Why you should read it: Ms. Condoleo's book has appealed to two loves of mine...oragami and writing fantasy. She has also managed to create a recognizable character in young Pell which I think many pre-teens and teens will be able to relate to.

Like-O-Meter Rating: 4 out of 5...give it a try!


  1. This sounds very good! :D I think I may get it! :)

    1. Hi Erik! I think you would enjoy this book...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!