Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BOOK NOOK REVIEWS: Christine M Irvin


**This week's BOOK NOOK REVIEWS shines a spotlight on great books provided by some of the authors participating in my annual FREE AUTHOR PROMOTION event held each May in my city. Help support these new and established authors by checking out their books!***

Title: Milk Carton Mania & Cardboard Tube Mania
Author/Illustrator: Christine M Irvin
Publisher: Scholastics
Ages: 7-11

Synopsis: Look around your house and you will discover wonderful craft projects waiting to be created from discarded milk cartons and cardboard tubes.
Why you should read it: In this techno-crazy world of electronic gadgets it's nice to still see books encouraging a child's creativity. Ms. Irvin's books on crafts from common recycled items allow young one to explore the possibilities of creating something of their very own. That's not always easy in a time when coach potatoes would sometimes rather be watching Sponge Bob than doing sponge art. 

Like-O-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5...Grab it!


  1. Aw, geez Donna, that was so sweet of you to feature my books on your blog. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Thank YOU, Christine, for being a part of my FREE AUTHOR PROMOTION!

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!