Friday, July 5, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

The Royal Treatment
by Donna L Martin

The morning sun slid in through the stained glass window, prisms of color shattering the musty quiet of the throne room. The red carpet draped the regal chair standing all by itself in the middle of the large room.  In mere hours the destiny of a nation would be changed forever, but for now it was as if the room held its breath and waited for the inevitable.

In the kitchens servants bustled around as they prepared dishes to be served in the Great Hall later that evening as the week's celebrations begin. The aroma of roasted boar mingled with vegetables, soups and sweet breads. Extra tables and chairs were brought in to handle the visiting nobles. Everywhere the sounds of chatter could be heard as excitement swelled over the upcoming coronation.

However, down the hall in the royal chambers, there was almost a tomb like atmosphere as maids and ladies-in-waiting silently helped the young girl to dress. She felt suffocated as layer upon layer were added to her royal gown. No one knew of her deepest fears.  How she wanted to run from this burden about to be placed upon her young shoulders and never to return to the castle.  How betrayed she felt when her father died in battle and left her to this fate. 

Somewhere deep in the towers the loud gonging of bells could be heard announcing it was time.  Would she be able to do this? Could she make the sacrifice asked of her?  Taking a breath, she squared her shoulders and made for the doors leading to her future...

***Okay, it's your turn!  What happens next?  Will the nation have a new queen?  Is there someone lurking in the shadows to prevent the coronation from taking place?  Put your creative cap on and add a sentence or add a paragraph.  Continue my story or start one of your own.  Join the fun and see where this picture prompt takes us!***

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