Friday, May 10, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

Time To Live
By Donna L Martin

Stuart didn't know if it was the cold metal pressing against his back or the far off whistle of the train bringing him back to his senses.  His eyes were still closed against the light and he wanted to shake his head to clear the cobwebs away, but it hurt too much to attempt it.  Was he near some train tracks?  Stuart opened his eyes just as another whistle echoed into the distance.  A sharp jolt of adrenaline shot through his body and Stuart's eyes widened as he realized he wasn't just near some railroad tracks but on them!

He could just make out the dark shape of the locomotive, it's headlight cutting through the early morning mist as he struggled against the ropes binding him to the steel tracks.  His eyes stung from sweat as corded muscles strained to break free.  Could the conductor see there was someone lying in the shadows on the tracks? Would he be able to stop the train in time?  Stuart's throat constricted in terror.  Time seemed to slow down as he watched the oncoming train racing toward him.  

Another whistle pierced the air, much closer this time, and the tracks shook wildly beneath him as Stuart wondered if there would be pain or would he just suddenly cease to exist.  If only he had more time.  Time to hug his wife and child once more.  Time to eat the steak he wanted last night instead of settling for a salad.  Time to laugh and love and live another day.  If only he had more time.

What was the use of fighting the inevitable?  Stuart closed his eyes and said a prayer as the last screech of the train's whistle ran over him and then...nothing.  Nothing but the roaring clickety-clack of the cars rushing past him on the other track leading up the mountain.  It wasn't until the silence settled back into the valley Stuart dared to open his eyes.  His body shook, not from the cool morning air, as his mind tried to grasp the fact he was still alive. Now if he could just figure out how to get free before the next whistle blew...

***Okay, it's your turn!  What happens next?  Is there another train around the bend?  Does Stuart get free?  Does he seek revenge against the unknown person who tied him to the tracks?  Put your creative cap on and add a sentence or add a paragraph.  Continue my story or start one of your own.  Join the fun and see where this picture prompt takes us!***


  1. WHOOSH!
    The train passed by Stuart, missing him by a foot.

    "H-how?" Stuart stuttered, seeing a man dressed all in black - black shirt, black leather jacket, black pants, black hair, and a black belt full of compartments, a black leather knife sheath, and an uzi. Going under the jacket (but over the shoulder) was a black leather strap ending with a leather sword sheath. The sword and knife had black leather handles. The man's iris's were blood-red.

    The man saw Stuart looking at his eyes, and simply said "contact lenses."

    "Who are you? Why'd you save me? Come on! Answer up!" Stuart challenged, even though the spider webs (strong as steel) still bound him.

    "What? You want me to toss you back onto the tracks and wait for the next train to come?" Stuart shook his head. "As for who I am, you can call me Ombre."

    "'Ombre'. French for 'Shadow'. Are you French?" Stuart asked.

    "Aon. No. I speak all languages. Entendido? Understood?" Ombre answered.

    He unsheathed his knife ("Diamond blade") and cut the webs. Ombre started to unravel it. "Collect these. Super strong. Connects with others to form a super long web. I want 100 miles of it before I turn it into a g-hook." He held up a grappling hook. "What's your name?"

    "Stuart. It was very nice to meet you Mr. Shadow, but I need to get going..." Stuart started to walk away.


    "Not so fast Stuart!" A throwing knife was three inches from Stuart's face. "I helped you; now you - you need to help me. I need to kill Orinn - the only being part human-part spider. That was his webbing around you. From now on, I call you (and you call you) Masque-Caché - Hidden Mask. "


    1. Hi Erik! What a great collaboration! It looks like you are the only one brave enough to try and save poor

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!