Friday, March 22, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday

(Ross Martin-WANA Commons)

Sucker Punched
By Donna L Martin

I woke up this morning with the mother of all headaches.  Just the act of getting my head off my pillow hurt.  Must have been the tequila I had last night to try and blur the memory of Elena.  Crawling out of bed, I stumbled into the kitchen for some coffee and that's when I saw him.

He was sprawled in the backyard like the life had been sucker punched right out of him and there was nothing left for him to do but wait to die.  Kinda how I felt.  Waiting for the coffee to brew, I looked at that little guy and actually started to feel sorry for him.  What kind of squirrel drama had he gotten himself into?  Some other squirrel stole his secret stash of nuts?  Maybe he had lady squirrel trouble?  Well it couldn't be as bad as mine.  Going out with your best friend's girlfriend was bad enough, but when you find out she's left your name in the suicide note...well, it makes for one ugly mess.  Oh what a tangled web we weave as the old saying goes.

I don't know about my squirrel friend, but the clock on the wall told me I was running out of time.  Jason was on his way over and there would be hell to pay.  Now if we both could just figure out what the heck to do next?

***Okay, it's your turn.  What happens next?  What does Jason do when he arrives?  Why did Elena kill herself?  Why is the squirrel just lying around?  Put your creative cap on and add or sentence or add a paragraph.  Continue my story or start one of your own.  Join the fun and see where this picture prompt takes us!***


  1. Hi Donna,

    I don't like to communicate like this but the couple of attempts by e-mail have been fruitless. Delete this or not as you feel fit.

    I as you know the reluctant writer so to speak. When I wrote the book it was a self analysis more than ahything else and never intended for publication other than in the blog form.

    The ins and outs of publishing is something I have never considered nor looked into. I of course made some -what I thought - logical assumptions, but nothing is quite that simple.

    I am hot off the phone to the publishers and they have given me the following information:-

    The date I gave some months ago was speculative. The issues with the cover hel things up and I began to panic. I have been pushing to get the release date, which in all fairness was never stated by the publisher, but they can only say it will be within 45 days.

    The nice lady I have spoken to suggests it may be sooner but quite understandably doesn't want to put her neck on the line and give a date.

    Now you have read my rubbish and possibly understand my mentality. Everything is for a reason and if I ever experience a delay or setback I simply believe it is because the time isn't right. My main concern is for others to whom I have made promises.

    You have a festival coming up which I promised to send some signed copies for your stall. There is every possibility this will still happen, I have checked on postage and it only takes a week airmail. I would be crushed if my copies do not reach you in time.

    My thinking is however, this might not be a bad thing. If the book does well it would add weight to the copies I send which you can save until next year.

    Whatever happens please accept my sincerest assurances I will send you the promised copies as soon as I have hands-on.

    1. Hi JP!

      I understand's the way of the writing industry and I will just have to learn to be more patient...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

  2. Elena didn't commit suicide, Jason murdered her for cheating. The squirrel is the spirit of Elena waiting to pounce when Jason shows up. Oh dear, it's late and I'm full of it!

    Hope you get some better ideas...

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I like that the squirrel is the reincarnation of Elena. I'd come back as a pigeon-you can guess why!

    2. Hi Yolanda! I had no idea where this story was going to go when I posted it but I must admit I kinda like where your ideas are

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!