Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Neahkahnie Mountain

Off the coast of Oregon lies Neahkahnie Mountain, shrouded in mystery and overlooking the site of many a wrecked merchant ship from centuries gone by.  One of the local indian legends involve a 16th century Spanish merchant ship wrecking on Nehalem Beach where it dumped tons of beeswax into the waters which still wash ashore more than 300 years later.

Another legend told by the Indians of the Pacific Northwest speaks of a Spanish galleon anchored off the beach, also during the 16th century, where a chest full of unknown treasure was taken ashore and buried somewhere on the mountainside.  The location was marked with some inscribed rocks.  To make sure no one would dare come near the burial site, a black man was murdered and buried with the treasure so the ghost would guard the site forever.

Even today, you can discover beeswax and bits of broken pottery in the sands near Neahkahnie Mountain.  Those mysterious rocks with the inscriptions which have never been deciphered can be found at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum.  And as for the priceless treasure said to be buried somewhere on the mountain?  The landscape is riddled with holes where treasure seekers have gone in search of the Spanish bounty but none have yet to find the burial site.


  1. Some things are better left alone, ghost or no ghost. But thanks for telling us about it.

    1. Any time, Janet, any time...;~)

      Thanks for stopping by and come back any time!

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    1. Hi Erik! Yeah, wouldn't it be cool to go treasure hunting there? Even if the only thing you find is some beeswax...;~)

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